2017 Plant Sale

I had a large plant sale this past May. I literally spent the months of April and May dividing and potting up plants from my gardens, plus potting up plant donations from friends. I potted up 3,500 plants, chewing through 2 yards of dirt my husband hauled in for me! The weekend of the sale, the weather was cold and rainy. I had so many plants left that I needed to continue the sale for 11 more days. The response was amazing, but the $20,000 goal has not yet been reached. While continuing my efforts to reach this goal, I am also looking towards the future and would like to know if you would be interested in sponsoring or helping sponsor a child at Bethany Pre and Primary School. There are children who come from poor families, but are so very eager to learn. I will always have close ties with this school, and you will be kept updated on the children we sponsor.


It was a family group effort to hold such a big sale. It rained the first weekend of the sale, so the sale was extended another weekend plus!

The plants were neatly organized and set up with the help of my husband, Paul.  He also was busy during the sale days pumping water out of our flooded yard.
It was a success, but our goal has not yet been reached. Please consider supporting this worthy cause!

The sale was supposed to be only three day,  May 19th-21st, but due to a rainy and cold weekend, the sale continued on for 14 days total.

Paul’s sister Jean, in the pink coat, was a superb cashier at the sale. Baked goods and hand made photo cards were also sold. This year I will be selling beaded animals from Tanzania!

I have collected 3,584 pots again, and plan to have another plant sale next spring, 2018. Now I just need plant donations!!!!  Thanks again for the support!