Purchased 97.5 acres of farmland

In 2020 we became water secure by installing an underground tank to catch rainwater. We also attempted growing maize and beans on rented land in 2021 to provide an independent food source for the children’s meals, but were stymied by zebras and donkeys devouring our crops. During a 2021 trip, a fantastic opportunity to purchase 97.5 acres of protected farm land became available, and with help from donors, we acquired this land at $348 an acre to secure our school’s food source.

Peace Computer Lab

Bringing the power of technology to the classroom

December 14, 2021  Bethany  School News

The computers are humming at Bethany Pre & Primary School as 4th and 5th graders begin learning computer skills in the new 22-desktop Peace computer lab. The teachers will now able to use computers as an added educational tool. We are so grateful to Kirk Alhberg for his generous donation and to the Roseville Lutheran Church Endowment Fund for its wonderful contribution.  Also, thank you to Joseph Husby, assisted by Erik Husby, for setting up the lab and assisting with teacher training.