Construction continues, and the rains are good for the school crops!

Wood frames are rented to make the doors and windows.

Our groundsman, Chungu, has been creating a road lines with white painted rocks for our school bus route on the grounds.

7 hours away, on fertile soil, we are growing school crops of maize and beans to feed our school 5 months from planting.

First building construction costs and start of second building

As the walls begin to take shape, I wanted to tally what supplies went into the first  school building and washroom building.  Thanks to Emanuel Boaz’s detailed book keeping, I can view every charge, and the project costs are very transparent.

First school building–3600 cement blocks @ 1500 tsh or .68 cents =$2,448 usd

Washroom building–2000 cement blocks @ 1500 tsh or .68 cents =$1,360 usd

613 bags of cement @ 12,000 tsh to 14,500 tsh per bag or $5.42-$6.55 per bag =$3613 usd

6 loads of sand @ 400,000 tsh each=$180 =$1080 usd

7 loads of moram @ 250,000 tsh each=$114=$798 usd

2 loads of pebbles @ 900,000 tsh each=$407=$814 usd

3 loads of sand @ 150,000 tsh each=$68=$201 usd

1 load of rocks for washroom hole @ 100,000 tsh=$45 usd

Brown metal roof with wood supports: $7,848 usd ($3,645 for wood/nails, $3,300 for roofing sheets, $903 to install)

Painting of school plus paint: $1,472 (Paint $795 and labor $677)

Glass for windows, contractor payment and attaching: $903 usd

Steel related items: $2,159 usd

Contractor payment for all the labor: $4,224 usd

GRAND TOTAL for 4 classrooms and washroom = $26,965


 Last year, we estimated $20,000 for a

2-classroom building and washrooms. Instead we built a 4-classroom building and washrooms.

 I think we built a lot for our dollars!