The roof is ON!

Emmanuel wrote this on his Facebook post about the school.

I give a lots of thanks to my God for everything, I have never thought that one day I could manager a big project like that, it’s a blessing from God, proud of you Husby family💪🏻💪🏻👨‍❤️‍👨👨‍❤️‍👨

I give thanks that God connected him to me, and with many hands, through Jesus, this continues to move forward!

Up to date list of itemized costs

Emmanuel sends me itemized bookkeeping all done on paper. I put the expenses on a spread sheet. My son, Erik, helped me organize it. This list includes everything from the start of the project in Sept. 2017 to this April 2018. This includes a school building with 4 large 24 x 24 feet rooms fully finished inside and outside, a washroom for girls and boys, a water tower, a cistern, trees and shrubs planted, a play set, desks, school bus, legal paperwork to government, paying the teachers, buying books and supplies, food for children and teachers.

Total $67,029.55

The roof framing is done on building number 2

Wood framing is complete on our second school building. Baring any rain, metal roof will be next! It amazes me how fast they work. The wood was purchased April 10th and the framing was completed on the 15th, with a few rain days in-between.
This is the book work Emanuel does for me. This is a detailed list of items needed and purchased for the new wood roofing frame you see.

Wood 6 x 2 width – Total 490.0 meters – Price each 4,800 = 2,352,000 tsh = $1,062.69
Wood 4 x 2 width 960.0 meters -Price each 2,900 = 2,784,000 tsh= $1,257.88
Wood 3 x 2 width 110 meters – Price each 12,500=1,375,000 tsh= $621.26
Fisherboard 1 x 8 width 175.9 meters – Price each 5,500= 967,450 tsh = $437.12
Nails for wood setting 53 kg 5 159,000= $71.84
45 kg 4 135,000 =$61.00
Steel for wood fixing 80,000= $36.15
Grand total 7,852,450 tsh or $3,547.93 usd