Heart to Care Tanzania welcomes you to Bethany Pre and Primary School!

Our Mission

Heart To Care Tanzania is a USA-based non-profit dedicated to building and sustaining Bethany Pre and Primary School for children in need in Kisongo, a small village in Tanzania. We believe that quality education will equip the next generation with the skills needed to take on the challenges of the future. The charity helps an entire village.

Our Guiding Principle

Although Heart To Care Tanzania provides the funds, local villagers own and run the school. Professionals within the community designed the buildings, employed local construction workers, and select their own teachers and staff. Learn about the Bethany Pre & Primary School.

Our current need

Teachers’ Training Seminar

For the past three years, our charity has provided the funds to send our teachers to a 5-day educational seminar at a total cost of about $1000. The teachers look forward to this opportunity to grow professionally. A great measure of our children’s academic success depends on the quality of our teachers.

If you would like to donate to support teachers’ training, please click HERE.

Sponsors needed

We believe education has the power to change children’s lives, their families, and communities. Sponsorship helps fund decent wages for our teachers, food for the children’s meals, and buses for those who live a distance away.
Many of our generous donors have sponsored a child. Sponsorship costs little more than a dollar a day. We invite you to become a sponsor too!

See what it is like to sponsor a child in Tanzania.

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