Community Center Kitchen is making progress


Putting the bricks in place for the ovens.
Our engineer, Mr. Msukuma, also helps with the construction.
Plastering the kitchen walls.


Kitchen counter is poured.
Shelf out to the dining area is formed.
Dining hall
Looking back towards the kitchen.
Roof is complete.
Kitchen end of the building.

Visit #2 to the school

Soon after we received our government registration number, they were busy painting our school name painted on the roof!
We started with 19 children January 8th and now we have over 70 children!!! The school year ends mid December. We will start again next January with more children.
I had wanted to visit as many parents as I could, but time did not allow.  I did ride the school bus 4 times and snapped these pictures of the parents with their child.
This was a very proud moment to officially get our school name on a sign!


Many of the children remembered me from my January visit. That made for some silly pictures!
It is a BIG job to serve all these children this nutritious porridge, but our two cooks get the job done!
Playing ball with the children is so fun. I brought over two balls that hopefully will withstand the volcanic rocks of the playground.


The giraffe will be a hand washing station.
I made some professional business cards and pens with the school name on them before I left for my trip. We passed them out at the parent meeting. At that meeting we also formally dedicated the school.
I was given another Maasai dress to wear. I felt very honored!


The dedication of our school. The cornerstone was unveiled.
I felt very honored to be in the presence of these wonderful people that God has been working through. Below is the school song that was made by the teachers: Here are the words to the school song: Bethany care for the children,we are the future generation,parent bring your children,if you need better education,(chorus) money is good,business is good,but is not my part,my part is education,Bethany education is my part.

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I visited our school again. I had planned on a 3-week visit, but I had to return home after 1 week as my Dad went to…

Posted by Bethany Bittner Husby on Thursday, November 15, 2018