At Heart To Care Tanzania, we believe education has the power to change
children’s lives, their families, and entire communities. And this is why so many of
our generous supporters become sponsors and why we invite you to become a
sponsor too!

Why sponsor a child?

Sponsoring a child is a personal, effective way to show your love and compassion to a child in need. When you sponsor a child, you provide quality education, you build a one-on-one relationship, and you give hope for a better future.

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

A full sponsorship for a child is $34 a month, but you may choose exactly how much you wish to give. We have various sponsorship opportunities. Your generous support will go towards helping empower the lives of children and families in the community.

Does my donation go directly to my child?

As a sponsor, you’re connected with the specific child you choose and your
donation directly provides the following gifts:
– School tuition
– Mid-morning nourishing porridge and a healthy lunch
– Bus transportation (if selected)

What you receive when you sponsor a child

– A photo and information about the child you sponsor
– Updates on your child’s academic progress
– Opportunities to communicate with your child through emails or letters
– A chance to visit and meet your sponsored child to see firsthand how your
donation is helping
– The joy of knowing you’re truly making a difference

Is child sponsorship effective?

When you become a Heart to Care sponsor, you can be sure you’re joining a
growing organization dedicated to providing a safe and caring educational

Sponsoring a child is a life-changing opportunity. The impact of sponsoring a child is profound. We welcomed this girl named Stella, a girl from the Maasai tribe. She was so sad and behind in her education when she joined our school. She is thriving now. Sponsoring a child in need, and making that connection with the child will change both of your lives forever!


Choose how you’d like to give:


One-Time / Annually:

There are no administration fees, 100% of what you give goes directly to the children and the school. 

Want to avoid transaction fees?

  • Write a check made out to “Heart to Care Tanzania” and mail to:
    Heart to Care Tanzania
    c/o Bethany Husby
    1700 Ridgewood Lane South
    Roseville, MN 55113
  • Contribute directly from your bank account. Please send us a voided check to authorize withdrawals as a one-time or monthly gift.
  • Donate directly from your PayPal balance.  Here is our PayPal profile. Make sure to choose “Sending to a Friend” rather than “Paying for Goods and Services.” You can also use this method to transfer money from a bank account without fees.
  • Select our charity on the PayPal Giving Fund.  Donations are anonymous so please send us a message if you’d like us to know you donated or wish to earmark the money for a particular cause.
  • Give from a donor advised fund or Qualified Charitable Deduction. Our EIN # is 821342068.
  • Make A Stock Donation: If you wish to make a gift of stock, please check out Making a Gift of Stock to Heart To Care Tanzania.
  • Select Kindful Payment
  • Send your favorite crypto and Contact Us so we can thank you!
    • Bitcoin: 35MpfSBDnJN8qywcPMdMB9f9DYy8Y7RqW6
    • Ethereum: 0x4030f42C1dDa7CABe48e875d5031ca97dEDbB053
    • Bitcoin Cash: qq4hat5a4ft8qtcvuwksgjck90u3drfwvuag3j6ydw
    • Litecoin: MX12SiebvNPz5NjmW8Nca2qqJjbtdVtF3i
    • Dogecoin: D6fKGXDCAZg2nG8KPqCL6B9aYphnw2TqvH

If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us. We want to be as transparent as possible, and welcome any questions. Thank you for your support!

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