Improving the school

Working on the playground

When the tanker was empty, we transferred some of our school waste to the ball field:)
Flooding the field with natural fertilizer.

Finishing the 4th grade classroom

Plastering the outside of the new school building.
Windows for the new 4th grade school room
Preparing desks for the classrooms

Making fresh the black board for the next school year.
Completing the ceiling outside
New tables and chairs for the baby classes 🙂

Making the buses ready to roll!

One of the buses needed repair
The bus is ready to roll!

Soon time to plant crops!

It was normally Ojung’u’s job to prepare the tractor for the planting season, but with his passing this summer, it did not happen. But we will not fail him, and friends are making sure the tractor is ready to plant our school crops of beans and corn.
These discs were in bad repair, and were replaced as seen below.
New discs purchased

The “roof” of this new building was further cemented. When we have enough money, we will finish the next three floors.