2022 Fall Garden Party Highlights

We are so happy to report we brought in over $15,500 – enough to purchase the seed planter and continue construction on the last building. With $78,900 more, the building will be finished.

We had 76 people attend the party and enjoy an afternoon of delicious food, wine, and live music.  Many attendees made new friends and visited with old friends. It truly was a wonderful event!

2 thoughts to “2022 Fall Garden Party Highlights”

  1. Congratulations on what looks like a beautiful event. Bethany, you are doing the work of the Angels; we are sure you will see this through to the finish line. We are enjoying our little beaded lion and plan to give it as a gift to a little girl from Finland the next time she and her parents visit us. We send our love and best wishes.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. It was indeed a beautiful event. I am glad you are giving the little beaded lion as a gift. They will love it!
      All my love and best to you also.

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