Textbook and Stationary Requirements

Headmaster, Lepilal Laiser, set out the 2023 requirements for textbooks and stationary supplies. See the itemized costs below.

The books will be purchased in memory of Ojung’u, our school’s founding father, who passed away September 13, 2020.

I hope with donors’ support, we will meet this years needs. We strive to keep Ojung’u’s dream alive and give these deserving children a bright future!

QtyItemUnit PriceTotal
41Mathematics #6$5.15$211
41Science #6         $5.15$211
41Social Studies #6$5.15$211
41Civics & Morals #6$5.15$211
41English #6$5.15$211
41Vocational Skills #6              $5.15$211
41Kiswahili Darasa La Sita$5.15$211
41Matheli Za Kikwetu$5.15$211
4Cartons of Chalk (continental)$21.44$85.76
15Blackboard rulers$3.64$54.67
200Manilla Sheets$0.64$128.64
50Lesson Plan Books$2.14$107.20
15Stapler Machines$5.15$77.19
20Lesson Notes Books$3.00$60.03
12Class Journal Books$2.57$30.87
 TOTAL $2,443.18

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