Give the Gift of Water

The engineer recommended that we make the tank two blocks thick, at an added cost of $6,000.  We opted to take his advice, as we want this tank to last a very long time. Donations to make up the shortfall are welcomed. No dollar amount is too small. Thank you!

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There are no administration fees, and during this special water campaign 100% of what you give is doubled!

Details of the water tank and collection system

The tank will be round, not square like in the drawing.

The underground tank will be 20 feet in diameter by 55 feet deep with a capacity of 92,000 gallons.  Completely dug by hand, the tank will be lined with bricks, cemented, covered, and filled by funneled rains.

To complete the project, the collection system pipes will collect water from the roofs of two of the school buildings, and ultimately funnel the water to the underground tank.

Water Collection Specifics

Water collection system

Nearly half the people in Tanzania are without access to clean water.  Besides drinking water, basic hygiene practices like hand washing are critical to maintaining health, paramount during the COVID-19 pandemic. At our school, we have a limited supply. The government turns on our school’s water line just twice a week for a few hours. During the dry season, our supply is inadequate for drinking, cooking, cleaning classrooms, flushing toilets, construction, watering plants, and washing hands. It has become critical that we address this need now, and secure our water future.