And so it begins: Supplies purchased, delivered and ground is broken!!!

Monday, September 11th

Emanuel goes to the bank, and then to the store to purchase supplies.

Tuesday, September 12th

The purchased supplies of sand and bricks (cement blocks) are delivered to the site.

Items delivered and costs:

Bricks 2000 — $1,378

Cement 100 bags — $551 

Steel 50 pieces, 10mm — $264, Steel 30 pieces, 6mm — $76, Binding wire 10 pieces — $14

Nails — $15

2 truck loads of sand — $368

Transportation — $18

Emanuel has to pay in cash each day the bills for the day. He is keeping fabulous records!

Work resumed on the final classroom building

We have filled every classroom, some over capacity, and are bursting at the seams. We began construction on the building’s second level to handle the overflow, and we hope to finish the remaining three floors this year. We’re counting on the plant sale to generate funds and make a sizeable dent in the estimated $150,000 to finish the building. Accomplishing this task will be a huge milestone that will sustain us well into the future.

The following pictures show the progress so far.

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