Government-required fence is taking shape.

Pebbles and moram arrived for making the concrete.
They constructed 50 forms. 140 wooden pillars are needed.
It takes 3 days for the cement to harden in the form.

Beginning the construction of the school main entrance. There will be a required gate with brick walls on either sides of the gate. The rest of the perimeter of the grounds will be a fence.

Our welder, Hamimu Macha, has been working at our school from the very beginning. He literally has made everything, that is made from steel, at our school!
This will be the school gate . Hamimu Macha will be fabricating the school gates.
Starting to work on the gate. I will be excited to see how it turns out!

Community Center work continues….

The Community Center building was plastered and painted with a primer color. We will now work on windows, doors, flooring, electrical wiring and fixtures. Then we need tables and chairs for the children to sit and have lunch!
Added a 5,000 liter SimTank to the building to supply us the water we need for the kitchen and bathrooms.
Smoothing out the ground after construction.