Sweet Woodruff


Exposure: Part Shade – Shade
Mature Size: 6″H x 9-18″S
Bloom: White, Early Summer

Sweet Woodruff is aptly named – a sweet, well-mannered little herb that works well as a herbal ground cover. Sweet Woodruff has glossy dark green leaves and small star-shaped white flowers. Flowers are delicately scented and bloom in May and June.

Plants emit a strong odor of fresh hay and vanilla when foliage is crushed or cut. Sweet Woodruff is an aromatic herb with foliage even more fragrant when dried. Thus, dried leaves are popularly used in sachets or potpourris. Sweet Woodruff is also a moth repellent and works wonderfully in closets and drawers to ward off insects while infusing your clothing with its sweet scent

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  • Clusters of small, white flowers bloom above leaves.
  • Grows quickly, even in the shade.
  • Excellent for steep slopes and beneath trees.
  • Zones 4-9, part sun/shade, 12″ tall x 18″ wide at maturity