Lily of the Valley


Ground cover only

Convallaria majalis

Fragrant, Carefree Perennial


A favorite ground cover for planting in woodland and shade gardens, Lily-of-the-Valley (Convallaria majalis) forms a lush, low-growing green carpet of attractive foliage. Its 1/4″ fragrant, dainty, bell-shaped flowers open in the spring. Butterflies love them! This hardy, easy-to-grow and carefree perennial thrives even in moist areas where grass won’t grow—and deer tend to avoid them. Although the plant pips may not flower the first season, they will naturalize and multiply in future seasons. It’s a good choice for borders, ground cover, containers and rock gardens. Plant pips.

Hardiness Zones


Mature Height

6 – 8″

Bloom Time

May – Jun 

Light Requirements

Full Shade;Half Sun / Half Shade

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