August 18th, 2018 Ethnic Bread Making Class using Heritage Wheat was well received!

Alexandra Sakurets led a master class on baking bread at home with Heritage Wheat. Everything was done in the simplest way. She bakes rye and wheat bread, but the grains are veryspecial. This wheat was imported to Canada about 200 years ago by immigrants from Ukraine. So these seeds were not hybridized and contain a very low percentage of gluten.

Below are a couple of links to info about the difference between old wheat and modern.

The lesson lasted 2 hours. We brought nothing with us, but we went home confident and with directions in hand of how to bake this ourselves at our home!

I would love for her to teach the class again at a more quiet time of year. All proceeds to our school, the Bethany Pre and Primary School in Tanzania!

A delightful class. I hope for her to repeat it again at a later date!

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