Meadow Rue


Common Name: Early Meadow-Rue

Height: 1-2 feet

Bloom Time: April to May

Bloom Description: Green white with a purplish tinge

Sun: Full sun to part shade to shade

Water: Medium

Flower: Green

Tolerate: Deer and rabbits

Use it to fill in where many of your early spring woodland flowers will go dormant. It is valued for its delicate green fern-like foliage, which will last spring through fall.


Meadow Rue’s lacy, blue-green leaves are arranged in airy tiers on strong, upright stems. In mid-to-late summer, wiry flower stems rise above the foliage, holding pendulous clusters of lavender-pink blossoms gently swaying in the breeze. Meadow Rue is a sturdy, long-lived, easy-care perennial that is at home in meadows, perennial gardens, and dramatic container plantings. (Thalictrum)


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