School Timeline

Bethany Pre and Primary School in Tanzania began with a casual meeting between Bethany Husby and a young man, Emmanuel Boaz, while the Husbys were on vacation in Tanzania in January 2017. This chance meeting resulted in an amazing story and from it, a mission to build and help sustain Bethany Pre and Primary School in Tanzania.


The story begins…

January 02, 2017 – Aunt Jean took the Husby family on a safari trip to Tanzania.

January 07, 2017 – Bethany Husby met Emmanuel Boaz working in a gift shop and the two began a conversation leading to future collaborations and resulting in forming a non-profit to provide education for children in need in Tanzania.

March 2017 – Emmanuel shared with Bethany his brother-in-law Ojwang’s dream to build a school on his land in Kisongo, a village outside of Arusha, in northern Tanzania.

May 2017 – The Husbys formed Heart To Care Tanzania,  a non-profit organization, dedicated to providing education for children in need in Tanzania. Proceeds from a 14-day Plant Sale in the family’s backyard raised over $17,000 for the school.

July 2017 – A fund-raising Chamber Music Concert featuring David Husby, a concert bassoonist, was performed at Peace Lutheran Church in Lauderdale, Minnesota, raising $985.

Bethany Pre and Primary School Construction started in 2017

September 2017 – All funds raised from the plant sale, music concert, and personal donations were used to begin school construction on September 12.


Bethany Pre and Primary School officially opens

January 08, 2018School doors opened for 42 students at Bethany Pre and Primary School, one year after meeting Emmanuel, and four months after the start of construction. We’re officially a school!!

May 2018In the USA, a second plant sale to benefit the school

February 2018 Second school building begins

June 2018Community Center construction begins

July 2018In the USA, a garden party fundraiser to benefit the school

July 2018VIDEO Emmanuel Boaz and school children thank you for your support!

August 2018Student field trip to Tarangire National Park

August 2018VIDEO Progress Report for Bethany Pre and Primary School

September 2018Community Center construction continues

November 2018Official school dedication and cornerstone placement

November 2018Kitchen is constructed


March 2019VIDEO The dream becomes a reality!

June 2019Larsen Library construction begins

July 2019In the USA, a second garden party fundraiser to benefit the school

August 2019Government-required fence constructed


February 2020Heavy rains require immediate road repair

March 17, 2020COVID-19 closed the school, but learning continues

April 2020Books For Africa and Mary Jo Peterson’s books arrive

May 2020In the USA, a plant sale to benefit Bethany Pre and Primary School

June 2020VIDEO Celebrating 3 years of raising plants and children!

June 2020VIDEO 2020 Plant Sale ~ The Power of Plants!

July 2020Final school building starts

August 2020Cistern is hand dug

September 20, 2020School Founder, Ojung’u is Samwel is laid to rest

November 2020Improving the school grounds


May 2021Library Artwork

July 2021Teacher’s Professional Development workshop

November 2021Peace Computer Lab

November 2021Student field trip to Lake Manyara National Park

November 2021VIDEO of Bethany Pre and Primary School by Erik Husby

December 2021Purchased 97.5 acres of farmland


January 2022Teachers’ workroom

January 2022Second floor resumed on final school building

School overview